Requesting for a education sponsor

Currently waiting for a response from Ministry of Education and Sports, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,
Sserunkuuma mike,
10th 9 2023

Ministry of Education,

Requesting for a sponsor
Dear sir or madam,
Am hereby writing to you purposely to request you to support me in my education system in order to fulfill my future through education in order to be a useful person in my country and worldwide.
Am a single parented child where by my Mumm used to pay for me fees since I started schooling up to primary six,then I also started looking for fess on my own basis up to senior two then time came and I also failed to do it on my own and yet I wanna continue With studies until I will finish and get a job to do.
I will be happy when I get help from you

Yours faithfully,
Sserunkuuma mike