Requesting for a placement of being a voluntee in your organisation

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Dear Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA),

15th,December 2020,
To the human resource manager,
Kampala capital city Authority,
Kampala - uganda

Dear sir/madam


I am a university holder of a diploma in Accounting and finance. I have good knowledge and skills in major finance and accounting practices including; preparation of financial statements, record keeping, bank reconciliation and have good analytical skills, having worked as an Accountant Trainee at psave credit coperative society.

Additionally, I have good knowledge and skills in the use of common accounting software (quick books,excel and Talley). and some experience in audit and therefore can be resourceful in streamlining organizational processes to meet the basic finance and accounting requirements.

Besides accounting related skills, I possess excellent customer care skills, I am highly organized, flexible and a good team player. I have sufficient computer skills, good oral and written communication skills .

I am young and energetic and can therefore handle the pressure that comes with managing different assignments, I pay attention to detail and have good judgment, a virtue that is highly required in the field of accounting and finance.

I feel the above mentioned skills and attributes are a perfect match for the assignment and I am hoping that human resource manager can award me an opportunity to work with you.

Looking forward for your kind response.

Yours sincerely
Ahereza shallot

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