Requisition for a scholarship for certified public accountant course at kyambogo university

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Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,

I am a Ugandan aged 25years male and a degree holder from Makerere university business school with a second class upper of 3.75 in bachelor of business statistics.
Am humbly requesting for a scholarship at kyambogo university in the field of certified public accountant course. I believe that such kind of course will help me gain more knowledge in the business field and thus the ability to serve my country with a wider knowledge..
If given the opportunity I promise to use it to the best of my knowledge and ability.
Thank you very much..may God bless you

Yours faithfully,

Muhumuza Julius

Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,
Am writing with reference to my previous requisition for a scholarship at UICT which you have not yet responded to yet by the law , the agency should normally have responded promptly and by 22 May 2023.
I will be highly glad if I get a positive response

Yours faithfully,

Emily Nahwera

Public Relations, Ministry of Education and Sports

Dear Emily,
Kindly visit the Ministry of Education and Sports website at to view the available scholarship opportunities.

Alternatively, you can visit the Higher Education Students' Financing Board at to apply for a student study loan.


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