Scholarship to fund LLM International Oil and Gas Law and Policy at Dundee university

hadadi kassim made this Access to Information request to State House

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Dear State House,

I am by names of hadadi kassim and a ugandan citizen from Madi Okollo District, and a resident of both Arua and kampala in need of scholarship to finance my LLM international Oil and Gas Law at university of Dundee in Scotland starting September, 2022 and ending on September 2023 and a bearer of students admission firm acceptance and confirmation letter.

I would be grateful for my countries direct support of a citizen we have struggled to reach this far towards completion of this pursuit.

Yours faithfully,

Hadadi kassim

Dear State House,

I am requesting for a reply to my application for scholarships to fund my LLM International Oil and Gas Law Law and Policy at Dundee University.

By law the agency should normally respond to my application within 21 days effective latest by May 04, 2022 but up to-date i have not received any reply to the same.

I am looking forward for your positive response.
Yours faithfully,

hadadi kassim