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Isaac Kato,
[email address]
Kampala, Uganda
The Human Resource
Application; Volunteer at Uganda Revenue Authority, URA
Dear sir/madam;
I am interested in an opportunity to volunteer with Uganda Revenue Authority, URA. I have experience in working with communities and also plan to pursue further education in this career field of psychology, working with a reputable organisation as yours fits my capacity to further make a difference in the communiIty and in the world as i will further explain.
First, I have earned my degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and I have interned as a psycho social counsellor and trainee at American Refugee Committee (ARC), today known as ALIGHT providing mental health and psychosocial support to refugee clients and working with communities in Kyaka 2 Refugee settlement camp. I also contributed additional working hours outside the organisation in data collection for a UNHCR project. I also have 3 year part time experience at SMAK Technical Construction Company Ltd, Hoima shortly after graduating to keep myself active.
Secondly, I am computer literate as being proficient with MS Office, software and programs. Most importantly, I am metilicious and have exceptional decision making, speaking and listening abilities.
If Uganda Revenue Authority, has a need of a dedicated volunteer, i would wish to assist your company and utterly aspire for the opportunity to share my expertise and service with you and fully committed to make a valuable contribution to your team and i as am willing to work in any geographical part of the country under any conditions, efficiently and effectively producing results.
I would like to further explain my motivation to volunteer during a personal meeting. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.
Isaac Kato

Uganda Revenue Authority, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

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