Ndawula Harold Raymond

Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,
I am a 23 year old male pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Mbarara University of Science and technology.
I am in need of financial assistance towards my tuition fees and request to be given the State House Scholarships.
Owing to the fact that I nearly applied for a dead year although my fellow students and classmates collected funds to help me do the first semester examinations but this may not be the case for the coming semester.
I shall be truly grateful and honored if my request in honored.

Yours faithfully,
Ndawula Harold Raymond

Public Relations, Ministry of Education and Sports

Dear Ndawula,

Kindly visit the Ministry of Education and Sports website at education.go.ug to view the available scholarship opportunities.

Alternatively, you can visit the Higher Education Students' Financing Board at hesfb.go.ug to apply for a student study loan.


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