Statehouse Scholarship

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Kirabo Andrew Musana

Dear State House,
My name is Kirabo Andrew Musana, a Clinical Officer by Profession, I have always aspired to upgrade to Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery. I have now been humbled having been granted an admission of the MBCHB at Kampala International University.

The reason I am communicating to you is to kindly seek your support and reference in accessing help particularly by way of schorships, say the statehouse scholarship and perhaps any other type of grants that could enable me meet the tuition requirements of this five year course. I can meet the attendant costs such as accommodation and upkeep my main borne of contention is about the tuition fees.
I have already acquired an admission at Kampala International University for the course.

I would also be grateful if you could possibly allow me some audience, I fully appreciate the immense responsibilities you have in serving our nation and I pray that you could get a little moment to consider my request. I thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,
Kirabo Andrew Musana