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Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,

Today I received a phone call from MR AORON NAKUBWAYO on airtel +256743245126 asking me money before I get my certificate. I said how much do you need because it has taken long. "I need 25,000 only and I process it" he replied and I tried moved to the agent to deposit on my phone and I send him. I sent to him then we connected through whatsapp on the same number. H later convinced me on recruiting me on government that is when a realized he misused the name of TMIS. He sent another airtel number +256743876725 that is in the names of MININA TIBIWA in need of 100,000 for government payroll maneuvering. There I did not accept his request. He went back to whatsapp where we have been chatting through and deleted all the messages because tricked by saying the message you delete I cannot access it. He called me 10 times ever since 3 which also confirmed that he is a thief.

Please the concerned group put in much effort so as to submit our certificates because this side we are being stolen of our money. Let us service were trained to do not maneuvering here and there.

If any body or organisation can be concerned to get such scammers especially that one that has stolen me and return my money with interest and even be imprisoned for stealing a Ugandan and misusing the name of public office.

I cry out the Ministry of Education, and to the whole Government of Uganda offices to be concerned in this issue because today is me tommorow is you.

Thank you

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Yours faithfully,
NUWENYINE ABERT (Graduate teacher in waiting of certificate of registration)
UTS0345248 I am serving at LAKI HIGH SCHOOL BUJAGA - RWAMPARA DISTRICT Teaching Mathematics and ICT. Iam on whatsapp and Tel number +256759509897 and +256777785980 for calls also

Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,
I have taken a good time range waiting for working upon my certificate of Registration but for sure it has has not been worked on. I am UTS0345248 as my Teachers File Number

Yours faithfully,