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Dear Uganda Revenue Authority (URA),
How do I check police traffic penalty fines for vehicles?

Yours faithfully,

Uganda Revenue Authority, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

Good morning Teddy, greetings from Uganda Revenue Authority. As per your request below, I wish to let you know that there are various amounts payable for the Police Express Penalties charged.

To know these fines, just follow these steps:

1. Open the URA website
2. click e-services
3. Under Payments, click Payment Registration
4. A new page opens and make the following selections

a) Payment Type : DT
b) Tax Head : Other NTR
c) Ministry/ Department/Agency: POLICE OLD EXPRESS PENALTY or POLIC NEW EXPRESS PENALTY ( Your form can guide you on what to go for)
d) TAX HEAD NAME: Choose the offence name and below it, you will view the corresponding amount payable.

Thank you for contacting URA

Kind regards…
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From: Teddy Ndagano <[ATI #330 email]>
Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 1:11 PM
To: Uganda Revenue Authority
Subject: Access to Information request - Traffic penalty tickets

Dear Uganda Revenue Authority (URA),
How do I check police traffic penalty fines for vehicles?

Yours faithfully,


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Kater left an annotation ()

Information provided in URA's response does not address the question which was asked. The asker wanted to know how one could go about checking the Traffic penalty tickets aka Amounts which a particular car has, assuming I read it well. Instead, URA despondent described how to pay the ticked, which is well known to many.

I just landed on a Resource linked which I am sure can guide those interested in knowing how to check the traffic fines or penalty details a vehicle has..

Good luck!