US Targeted Individual

Devonah Blackwell made this Access to Information request to Parliament of Uganda

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Dear Parliament of Uganda,

I am a short-term visitor here and originally from the US. I noticed a PLOUG-wifi on my internet connection and wanted to find out if what agency that belonged to and it led me here. Not sure if it's correct but I thought it odd that the Uganda Parliament would be interested in what a private citizen is doing, if it is the case? If this is your wifi connection, just know that I am being illegally targeted for harassment by the US government and have also been illegally implanted with nano implants that also act as a GPS tracking device. This is why I left the US and something that is been happening to many other black people in the US. It is being done illegally and covertly and it goes without saying it is in breach of both domestic US and international laws. Some may pass this allegation off as lunacy but if you look up the Targeted Individual Phenomena or "non-investigative" subjects who are erroneously placed on US and international Terror Watchlists--even though we have never been accused of any crimes, let alone, convicted. Historically, the US has a sordid past with using black Americans as involuntary human guinea pigs. Tuskegee Experiment is one of the more infamous and well known instances, but I am a modern day Tuskegee Experimentee, who is being basically covertly harassed where ever I go (and my implants always show up on airport security terminals so the evidence is hiding in plain sight for those interested) based on what I can only assume are US governmental lies about what I may be doing in your country. I am a Doctoral candidate who attends classes online and unemployed in my field (Education) because the same entities are also blocking employment and have been since 2018. This pogrom also features elements of CoINTELPRO. Another nefarious & illegal US government pogrom aimed at blacks in America.I am writing this b/c I want it on record of what is happening to me and possibly millions others still in America who are primarily black and who have again, committed no crimes. In effect, we are being labeled and treated as criminals in an effort to cover up US government crimes against humanity and the illegal and involuntary use of black people like me as human guinea pigs to test out emerging technologies. Again, I did not consent to these implants and never would have but they have been moving around in my body for almost 10 years now. And to add insult to injury, in addition to having my body violated I'm also apparently being labeled as a suspected or known "terrorist" to every African country that I visit as a tourist. This is patently absurd and anybody "monitoring" me for five seconds would be able to ascertain that. If I'm a terrorist, I guess Jumia Food delivery drivers are my accomplices since that's primarily who I have contact with. Again, I wanted to bring this to your attention. I've written numerous US and international government and NGO agencies over the years since I became aware of my illegally targeting and experimentation--all to no avail. It has become obvious to me that many governments do not want to address this issue (the US is not the only government testing out nano-implants and directed energy weapons) because they may either be testing them also or they may want to in the future. I just want to bring this issue to the public consciousness because your citizens may be in danger. If Western governments are brazen enough to victimize their own "citizens" just because we are black and they have no respect for our humanity, what do you think they will do to your citizens--also black?

Yours faithfully,

Devonah Blackwell