Volunteering job as a cleaner at your office. jesusway0707444479@gmail.com

Currently waiting for a response from State House, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear State House,
I send greetings to you all staff members at your work place, l thank God for keeping you healthy and safety protection at work .

To whom it may concern.
I kindly kneel down to request to volunteer as a cleaner at your work place, am faithful, respectful hard working man in working,
Am experienced with in 2 yrs in working in this business , l have volunteered in such offices, toilets and compound's.
If you are searching for volunteer as a cleaner l would be thrilled to have a wonderful opportunity to fill the position
God bless you so much as you answer to me back 🙏🫂

Yours faithfully,

Kabuuza Joshua